Zendesk Enduser Guide

Thank you for logging onto Kapacitys Customer Care portal.

This guide will take you through the basics, of creating and editing ticket via the Zendesk portal.

Please feel free to rate the article, or reach out to Kapacity Customer Care via mail customercare@kapacity.dk or by phone +45 7030 2909

Now that you are logged in, you will find two different buttons in the top right hand of the window.

If you click "Submit a Request" you will be able to submit a new request.

Please fill in all fields and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.

Notice that when filling in the "Subject" field, there are suggestions to helpcenter articles. 

As soon as you have submitted the request Kapacity will be notified and an email with all relevant information is sent to your mailbox.

When the ticket is submitted you will be taken to an overview of all open tickets in your name.

If you click the subject title you will see the details of the ticket.

This view is also available from the front page, by clicking the button with your name on it and selecting "My activities".


By clicking in to see the details of a ticket you also have the possibility to attach new files to the ticket. 

Please note that you CANNOT attach files without also making a comment. The submit button is only visible as soon as you have started typing in the comment field.

As soon as the ticket is updated an email is sent to you, but it is also visible on the ticket in the Webportal as shown above.

Again you are able to comment on the ticket.

Please notice the status bar on the top right, witch holds all relevant information on the status of the ticket.

You are not able to update this information, by clicking, but if you comment on the ticket and ask for the  ticket to be updated, an agent will take care of this right away.

Notice that there is both a "Status" and a "Status - Description" field.

When the ticket is solved it will automatically close after 1 week, if you do not respond.

If the solution is approved you do not need to respond, since this opens the ticket back up.


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us (customercare@kapacity.dk or +45 7030 2909)

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